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Lucky pearl

104% Daily

For 1 Day

Min : 10 USD

Max : 5000 USD

Roi : 104%

bumper Kings

130% After

6 Days

Min : 10 USD

Max : 5000 USD

Roi : 130% (After 6 days)

Treasure Dome

180% After

10 Days

Min : 10 USD

Max : 5000 USD

Roi : 180% (After 10 days)

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Company Simplified

Bullzcrypto - is a platform where people receive dividends from investments. Funds work in many areas of the investment sphere - securities, stock exchanges, forex, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, mining and so on. We have many partners in the cryptocurrency sector, which provides us with very important information, with which we close deals favorably. Our team is very professional and purposefully goes to their goals. This gives a tangible advantage over competitors.

Affiliate Program

You earn percentage of total amount of your referal amount invested + amount won in lottery upto 3 levels.


Level 1 8%

Level 2 1%

Level 3 1%

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